Girls’ Party

←me – Shizuka – Mira (my alt) – Keiko (Cody’s alt) – Thottie (Namsoo’s alt)→

Some of these are girls (male), aka my boiz on their girl alts because so many people are busy this time of year still. I’m impressed with their styling though!

I love to do group pictures, but I also have PTSD from scheduling them, so as of right now I am too busy to do many of them.

Okinawa New Year’s Festival (Dec. 27, 2019 – Jan. 12, 2020)
{Waffley} Countdown Together bento pose.

(on me) ONDO // Winter Dream # Rare 2 (dress)

The Liaison Collaborative
(on Mira) Alt3 – Seol (dress)

(on Shizuka) Vincue / Cattie Sweater
(on Keiko) =Zenith= Off Shoulder Shirt + Jean Skirt
(on Thottie) -Sorumin- Animalize SET (outfit)

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