←Shizuka – me→

This is my last Drune pic, taken hours before the latest, and arguably greatest, iteration of Drune ended. I’m glad to have experienced it, and I hope to see another of Hera’s works soon.

Also, why do people think I can’t do a cyberpunk concept?! I can totally do a cyberpunk concept, hello?

(on me) r2 A/D/E hana[White] (jacket)
(on Shizuka) r2 A/D/E hana[Black] (jacket)

(on me) :::SOLE::: GRPE – CLeg (White)
(on me) :::SOLE::: SA – Glasses SHINKAN White
(on me) AsteroidBox. Erebus Outfit – White
(on Shizuka) :::SOLE::: GRPE – CLeg (Black)
(on Shizuka) :::SOLE::: SA – Shorts Ririko (Black)
(on Shizuka) :::SOLE::: SA – Armor STC01 (Black)
(on Shizuka) Common 20 :::SOLE::: TIME RIFTER Armtech (Black)
(on Shizuka) :::SOLE::: SA – Headset VOSTARS (Black)

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