Home Graffiti

I used to get in trouble for drawing on the walls, but now all the walls at work are whiteboards.

Someone drew a torchic on one of the pillars too, last year, and no one’s had the heart to erase it.

[Glitzz] Adored Bra
[Glitzz] Adored Garter
[Glitzz] Adored Panties

The Liaison Collaborative
Le Poppycock *Bright Ideas* Outburst (Brush)
Le Poppycock *Bright Ideas* Outburst (Heart)
Le Poppycock *Bright Ideas* Outburst (Jar)
Le Poppycock-Outburst (bento pose)
friday – Light Easel (Well Loved)
friday – Light Easel (Natural)
[Cinoe] Colored pencil box
[Cinoe] Lined milk bottles
[Cinoe] Red pencil stand
[Cinoe] Ham Sandwitch
[Cinoe] Yellow pencil stand
[Cinoe] Green pencil stand
[Cinoe] Blue pencil stand
[Cinoe] Lucky sketch
[Cinoe] Colored pencils (pale)
[Cinoe] Colored pencils (vivid)
[Cinoe] Unopened milk bottle
[Cinoe] Opened milk bottle
[Cinoe] Milk bottles
[Cinoe] Chilled milk

Solus. Love Wall Décor

[Glitzz] Ballerina Stocking

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