Dreamy Romantic Evening

←me – my alt→

Yes, it’s me and me. I personally have no qualms about loving myself per se.

I feel that sometimes people take the social network-esque image building aspect of Flickr too seriously. Me, I just want to create art.

Cupid, Inc.
(on me) [Glitzz] Hearts Garter – Black
(on me) [Glitzz] Hearts Panties – Black
(on me) [Glitzz] Hearts Top – Black

Stupid Cupid
(on me) .Olive. the Heartbreaker Hair

Lacrime dell’ anima – Dreamy Iron Bed – Red Roses w/ Lights(Adult)
Lacrime dell’ anima – Dreamy Side Table – 10 Colors Mix&Match
Lacrime dell’ anima – Dreamy Candelabra (With Flames)
*AF* Capturado Scrollwork (50L$)
(on alt) “Zephyr” Body Angelika

(on alt) .Olive. the Skee Hair *BETA*
Fanxy – Candy Cane Lane (Girls) Bento Pose

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