Space Academy

←my alt – me→

Without a doubt, chess is one of those timeless games that will be relevant for eons. Personally, I have no idea how to play chess.

I don’t think I have the patience for such strategy games. Overwatch is probably the game that hits the sweet spot of balancing strategy and fast paced gameplay for me.

(on me) r2 A/D/E uru arm[silver]
(on me) r2 A/D/E uru boots[silver]
(on me) r2 A/D/E uru panties[silver]
(on me) r2 A/D/E uru ribbon[blue]
(on me) r2 A/D/E uru top[silver]
(on alt) r2 A/D/E uru arm[pink]
(on alt) r2 A/D/E uru boots[pink]
(on alt) r2 A/D/E uru panties[pink]
(on alt) r2 A/D/E uru ribbon[green]
(on alt) r2 A/D/E uru top[pink]

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