It’s nice having a space where you can have all your instruments and accessories. When I was a poor kid, we didn’t have any space for music stands or anything, so I would read music from the refrigerator (held with magnets).

Nowadays, I am saving up for a house, a Tesla, and an antique violin, in that order, so accessories are the least of my worries.

K&S – // Harmony. Skybox
K&S – // Seat pillow set

The Liaison Collaborative
Solus. Symphony Music Stand
Solus. Symphony Music Stand w/ Sheet Music
SR Music Keys Holder
crate Mondo Hifi Phono Bar
crate Mondo Hifi Lamp
crate Mondo Hifi Chair PG
Nicola Piano White (PG) CHEZ MOI
Raindale – violin with flowers (gift)
Casse lustre . timber sofa Cotton
Casse lustre . Concerto table
[Cinoe] Acoustic night – Beer botte (Decor)
[Cinoe] Acoustic night – Beer botte three line (Decor)
[Cinoe] Acoustic night – Potato chips (Decor)
[Cinoe] Acoustic night – Mix nats (Decor)
[Cinoe] Acoustic night – Pizza (Decor)

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