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In college I had the same roommate, my best friend, for 3 years. I actually knew within the first week after school started that we would be great roommates, so I asked her to be my roommate and she agreed.

During the summer I had randomly assigned roommates, but I don’t know much about them because my policy is to maintain a comfortable distance with people I didn’t choose to be in my life.

The Arcade
(on alt) {Buing} Roomate gacha. Choker Purple
(on alt) {Buing} Roomate gacha. hair B RARE
(on alt) {Buing} Roomate gacha. Shorts Grey
(on alt) {Buing} Roomate gacha. Top White Purple
(on me) {Buing} Roomate gacha. Choker Pink
(on me) {Buing} Roomate gacha. RARE A (hair)
(on me) {Buing} Roomate gacha. Shorts Blue
(on me) {Buing} Roomate gacha. Top Pink White

Pose Fair
(on me) Diversion – Humble – 2
(on alt) Diversion – Humble – 3

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