Pajama Party

←me – my alt→

I love Black Dragon, and the most recent thing I’m totally in love with is the poser. It’s so smooth and literally works just as well, if not better than blender.

If only LL didn’t have them remove other avatar posing options… This is why we can’t have nice things!

(on alt) {Buing} Pijama Party. Dress Yellow.
(on alt) {Buing} Pijama Party. Shoes Yellow.
(on me) {Buing} Pijama Party. Dress RARE A
(on me) {Buing} Pijama Party. hair RARE B
(on me) {Buing} Pijama Party. Mask Peach.
(on me) {Buing} Pijama Party. Shoes Peach.
{Buing} Pijama Party. Pillow Pink. DECOR.
{Buing} Pijama Party. Pillow Yellow. DECOR.
{Buing} Pijama Party. Pillow Purple. DECOR.
{Buing} Pijama Party. Pillow Peach. DECOR.

Spring Flair
OW Wooden box with books v1

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