Secluded Attic

I love to take decor pics, but I rarely get the opportunity to, so every time I get to do one is a real treat. Apparently, a lot of home and garden brands don’t consider fashion bloggers.

In the same vein, this makes me all the more grateful for my sponsors K&S and Minimal, because they let me showcase a different kind of style from fashion-fashion-fashion.

The Epiphany
K&S – // Secluded attic. skybox
K&S – // Comfy chair 1
K&S – // Comfy chair 2
K&S – // Pillow puzzles
K&S – // trunk
K&S – // Hanging bed. Adult
K&S – // Buckets
K&S – // Paintings
K&S – // rack of pillows
K&S – // Floor lamp

The Liaison Collaborative
Solus. Painted Wood Tri-Tier Wall Shelf

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