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It’s 3am and I can’t be arsed to figure out a title, so the name of the dress it is. It’s definitely one of mom’s best works too!

I love sheer fabrics and laces, but it’s always hard to implement in SL due to the alpha channels clashing. Maybe one day they’ll update the engine so it’s no longer an issue.

We Love Roleplay
(on me) [V/W] + Faida – Axaryl Bra Mist
(on me) [V/W] + Faida – Axaryl Mist (dress)
(on me) [V/W] + Faida – Axaryl Sheer Sleeves Mist
(on alt) [V/W] + Faida – Axaryl Bra Ivory
(on alt) [V/W] + Faida – Axaryl Ivory (dress)
(on alt) [V/W] + Faida – Axaryl Sheer Sleeves Ivory

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