Solus @ The Kawaii Project [Jun. 2020]

Bow pillows are great for all your cute space filling deco needs. Yes, it’s more practice with MD, but all for big launch in July!

I’m excited to bring you the next chapter very very soon!

Solus. Bow Pillow Set
Solus. Pastel & Hot Pink Bow Pillow
Solus. White & Pink Bow Pillow
Solus. Yellow & Green Bow Pillow
Solus. Black & White Bow Pillow
Solus. Purple & Blue Bow Pillow
Solus. Green Polka Bow Pillow
Solus. Blue Polka Bow Pillow
Solus. Pink Polka Bow Pillow
Solus. Yellow Polka Bow Pillow
Solus. Purple Polka Bow Pillow

Now available at The Kawaii Project!

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