←my alt – me→

Something that always amazes me with Tita’s (and V/W) dresses is that they can be so many different styles but still maintain the “Faida” feel. Brand identity is super important!

For me, I’ve had many re-dos of my brands as time goes on since it’s hard for me to figure out what exactly my brands should be. However, these days I think I’ve found my style.

We ❤ Roleplay
(on both) Faida + [V/W] Taramis Collar
(on me) Faida + [V/W] Taramis Dress Scarlet
(on me) Faida + [V/W] Taramis Sleeves Scarlet
(on alt) Faida + [V/W] Taramis Dress Smoke
(on alt) Faida + [V/W] Taramis Sleeves Smoke

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