Boho-Style Summer Outing

←me – my alt→

I missed my post earlier because I got caught up watching Stargirl. This show is actually turning out to be much better than I expected.

I never really got into TV shows until about last year, when I started watching Batwoman and Treadstone. Now, it’s become kind of a hobby.

(on me) =Zenith=Platform Summer Sandals (Brown)
(on me) =Zenith=Summer Boho Style Dress (ALL) – RARE
(on me) =Zenith=Summer Rattan Bucket Bag (ALL) – RARE
(on me) =Zenith=Summer Rattan Flower Hat (ALL) – RARE
(on alt) =Zenith=Summer Rattan Lace Bag (Begie)
(on alt) =Zenith=Platform Summer Sandals (Lemon)
(on alt) =Zenith=Summer Off Shoulder Ruffle Dress (White)

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