Avatar of Retribution

There are lots of sneak peeks hiding in this picture! Firstly, there’s the very cool backdrop by Oshiro, which will be out at some event soonTM. Secondly, there’s a sneak peek of Shizuka’s Type-40 sword, for her new brand that’s soon to be announced.

Cyberpunk pictures always take me about 3x my usual editing time. However, I’m not complaining because I have a point to prove.

Cyber Fair
.Olive. the Sci-Fi Hair // Split 1
.Olive. the Sci-Fi TUBES
.Olive. the Shave Based [White] 100%
[The Forge] Xeria Gasmask. (Female)
{le fil casse} Xeria Bodysuit

r2 A/D/E sayori gloves[White]

Coming soon!
*[Oshiro]* – Dragon Army (backdrop)
Type-40 Sword (very exclusive sneak peek of upcoming work by upcoming brand by my good friend Shizuka Kiyori)

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