Burano Street

I’d like to visit Italy in person, but until then, it’s nice to see recreations in SL. COVID’s 2nd wave is hitting most places, so we’re stuck in place for a while.

Of course, in America, we never got over wave 1, so wave 2 isn’t really a real wave. It’s more like a continuation.

The Arcade
MINIMAL – Burano Pink Building 01
MINIMAL – Burano Orange Building 02
MINIMAL – Burano Purple Building 03
MINIMAL – Burano Blue Building 04
MINIMAL – Burano Green Building 05
MINIMAL – Burano LightBlue Building 06
MINIMAL – Burano Yellow Building 07
MINIMAL – Burano Red Building 08
MINIMAL – Burano Font 09
MINIMAL – Burano Window Box Plant 10
MINIMAL – Burano Yellow Plant 11
MINIMAL – Burano Orange Plant 12
MINIMAL – Burano Pink Plant 13
MINIMAL – Burano Street Floor 15

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