Neo-Japan SL Event Photo Contest 6 – Ai Kiyori

Who says bionics can’t be cute? Clearly, they are cute.

I am tired because I did lots of cyberpunk photos today. They always take a while.

*Tentacio* Amashi bear
*Tentacio* Amashi leg black
*Tentacio* Amashi okobo black
*Tentacio* Amashi ribbon
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Tomei hair
Insomnia Angel . latex sailor [NEON]
Insomnia Angel . latex sailor (outfit)
MINIMAL – Hijikata Building RARE
MINIMAL – Hijikata Anime Vending Machine RARE
MINIMAL – Hijikata Workbench 02
MINIMAL – Hijikata Vending Machine 05
MINIMAL – Hijikata Screw Box 08
MINIMAL – Hijikata Screw Box 09
MINIMAL – Hijikata Screw Box 10
MINIMAL – Hijikata Ramen 11
MINIMAL – Hijikata Watchmey Tv 12
Archivefaction_R3PL1CXNT Umbrella_B

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