Playing as Dolls

Instead of playing with dolls, why not play as dolls? I’m running the slightest bit late today.

I’ve taken quite a few days off, so now it’s time to do some work again! I’m ready to crunch.

(right) [^.^Ayashi^.^] Yachi hair(Mod)
(left) [Glitzz] Frankie – Neck Screw
(left) [Glitzz] Frankie Bra
(left) [Glitzz] Frankie Corset
(left) [Glitzz] Frankie Panties
(left) [Glitzz] Frankie Stitches Arms Down
(left) [Glitzz] Frankie Stitches Arms Up
(left) [Glitzz] Frankie Stitches collar
(left) [Glitzz] Frankie Stitches Leg Down
(left) [Glitzz] Frankie Stitches Leg Up
(right) _CandyDoll_ Delia Romper
(right) _CandyDoll_ Delia Heels

(right) – Sweet Art – Hera Pose 3
(left) – Sweet Art – Hera Pose 4

(left) [^.^Ayashi^.^] Chiioko hair

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