DPS Party

You need both melee and ranged DPS for optimal party composition. Of course, tank and healers are needed too in order to facetank.

I haven’t played MMOs in a long time, mostly because of SL stuff. I’d like to optimize my workflow a bit more so I’ll have time for that again.

The Arcade
(left) *The Mystic*Ophelia’s Incantation Collar (Red)-RARE
(left) *The Mystic*Ophelia’s Incantation Dress (Red)-RARE
(left) *The Mystic*Ophelia’s Incantation Gloves (Red)-RARE
(left) *The Mystic*Ophelia’s Incantation Headpiece (Red) -RARE
(left) *The Mystic*Ophelia’s Incantation Pet (Red) -RARE
(left) *The Mystic*Ophelia’s Incantation Wand (Red) -RARE
(right) Belle Epoque – Malevolent – Bodysuit Black
(right) Belle Epoque – Malevolent – Boots Black
(right) Belle Epoque – Malevolent – Gloves Black
(right) Belle Epoque – Malevolent – Headpiece Black
(right) Belle Epoque – Malevolent – Spear Black
(right) Belle Epoque – Malevolent – Wings

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