Pentagrams and Hearts

Stars are cute, but stars in a circle mean Satanism? Symbols are always interesting.

I suppose it’s kind of like language, where a small change in a sentence can change the entire meaning. Personally, my expertise does not lie in linguistics, so I only know very basic things about etymology.

Tomb of Ancients
(right) .Lemony. Rosemary Dress
(left) *HolliPocket* Elena Suit-metal v2
(left) *HolliPocket* Elena Garter-metal

(left) Lyrium. Carol Static Pose 1 (also: Idle Animation)
(right) Lyrium. Carol Static Pose 2 (also: Idle Animation)

(left) [^.^Ayashi^.^] Mizeko hair

The Warehouse Sale
(right) [Cubic Cherry] {Liya} modesty cover BLACK
(right) [Cubic Cherry] {Liya} pasties BLACK

(left) [^.^Ayashi^.^] Lotti hair

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