City Public Transit

When going to a convention in the city, sometime public transit is the easiest way to get around the city. The parking rates are usually exorbitantly high.

The last time I went to a convention was over a year ago. It was pretty fun!

(left) =Zenith= Soraya bodysuit with jacket
(right) – Sweet Art – Bunny Plushie Animation 3 (Gyazo)

(right) =Zenith= Riley Denim Hoodie

(right) MINIMALxMIRROR – Trendy Sunglasses M2 – #04

Man Cave
TROPIX // Terror on the train [w/o  blood]

(both) =Zenith=Leg Harness with Chains
(left) [Yomi] Cobweb Candy
(left) [Yomi] Mouthy Mask – Fangs
(left) [Yomi] Velvet Choker – Wicked
(left) [Yomi] Miki Hair
(right) [Yomi] Gigi Hair

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