Small Rustic Bar

Decorating is fun (part 203984234)! It’s a nice break from portrait after portrait.

In other news, I am STILL messing with filters. It’s a work in progress.

{whatnext} Mishka Bar Cart (seasonal)
{whatnext} Mishka Bar Accessories (Copper)
{whatnext} Mishka Cocktails (seasonal)
{whatnext} Mishka Frame
{whatnext} Mishka Holiday Pumpkins
{whatnext} Mishka Cocktail Tray (seasonal)
.peaches. Alina’s Rustic Armoire Bar – White
.peaches. Alina’s Rustic Armoire Bar – Mugs and Glasses
.peaches. Alina’s Rustic Armoire Bar – Bottles
.peaches. Reagan Uphostered Table (Holiday) – Purple Bulbs
.peaches. Holiday Pinecone Dish – Christmas

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