Happy 2021!

←me – Shizuka→

Happy new year! I dedicate this post to my friends, because in the darkness of worldwide suffering, you are the shining lights of my life!

Over the past year, I’ve gained some friends, and I’ve lost some, but today is a great reminder that at the end of the day, we survived together, and that says everything. My current friends are all selfless, loyal, and dedicated people who never lose sight of what’s important to them, and who will never compromise on their morals for self-gain. I am honored to call them my friends today, and they single-handedly carried this godforsaken crapshoot of a year for me.

Of course, I won’t throw a pity party for myself since we’ve all had enough of the tragedies, both personal and global. However, I will say that life has a way of coming back around even if you make misjudgments and waste your time and effort. Eventually the trash will take itself out, and you will be all the better for it as long as you stick to your values and remember who and what is truly important, especially in times of crisis. At the end of the day, the actions you take will remain a part of your story, and even if there are those who don’t appreciate you, you will shine through!

Today, I look forward. Today, I open the next chapter. Today, I celebrate my successes, learn from my weaknesses, and re-dedicate myself to the pursuit of my goals. Together, we will reach new heights in 2021!

I end this with my blog credits (a girl’s gotta blog when a girl’s gotta blog). Best wishes to all in 2021!

[monso] Jinseon Hair

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