Last Holiday Outing

It’s the end of winter holidays! Of course, I might take an extra day off and give myself a 4 day week to ease back into work.

I do have a lot of accumulated vacation hours from not taking a real vacation this year. Also, I highly doubt I’ll take a real vacation next year.

SL Shop & Hop
(right) ::C’est la vie !:: Thea Cardi (#2 navy)
(right) ::C’est la vie !:: Somi Hat

SL Shop & Hop
(left) UNA. Carol Sweater  -Xmas

(left) Lyrium. Lira Static & Breathing + Fingers Series Pose 5 (Gyazo)

(left) Sintiklia – Hair Gaia Rigged
(left) Sintiklia – Glowing garland RIGGED[stable]
(right) Sintiklia – Hair Junko Rigged

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