Comfort Zone Idling

Most people have a comfy place, I think? Who really knows?

I suppose there are some people who don’t have any comfy places. It might really depend on your economic status and whether or not you’re currently being detained and/or imprisoned and/or genocided by the government.

_CandyDoll_ KARINE Jump
_CandyDoll_ KARINE Heels

Lyrium. Comfort Zone Backdrop
Lyrium. Comfort Zone Pose 6
{what next} House Plant – Agave
{what next} Vida Bar Cart
{what next} Vida – Box of  Tulips
{what next} Vida Champagne Bucket – Dispenser
{what next} Vida Champagne Glasses (decor)
{what next} Vida Sweet Treats – Dispenser
{what next} Vida Champagne Bottles Decor
.Olive. the Awake Hair RARE

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