Vintage Diner Hangout

I am messing around with my Lelutka head again, and this time around, I actually like it! It’s been a lot of months of fiddling with sliders, but we’ll see how it goes.

My main issue is I can’t be as cute as I was with Genus. There’s also a lot of other gripes I have with the head, but it’s the only one being actively updated.

(left) Seniha. Andrea Dress

(right) Seniha. Darsha Tunica Long
(right) Seniha. Darsha Shorts

(left) [monso] Smolfry Hair

(right) – Sweet Art – Dami FATPACK / Breathing & Static Pose 1 (Gyazo)

(right) [monso] Mabel Hair
(left) *Tentacio*Funny life. Muffin fork
TROPIX // Vintage diner BackDrop Exclusive

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