Sanguine Lover

Can I have some hemoglobin? Actually, the last episode of Batwoman had to deal with zombies, so kind of interesting.

Speaking of vampires in recent news, Resident Evil 8 has been making the memes around the net. I’d like to play it someday, I suppose.

The Warehouse Sale
toksik – Enamor Cape S (Hood down)
{S0NG} :: Aili Eyes – Purple
[Heaux] EvoX Essentials – Button Nose (Tint me! 100%)
[Heaux] EvoX Essentials – Cheeky Blush (Tint me!)
[Heaux] EvoX Essentials – Cheeky Highlight (Tint me!)
[Heaux] EvoX Essentials – Nosey Blush (Tint me!)
[Heaux] EvoX Essentials – Thicc Liner
[Heaux] EvoX Essentials – Water Liner (Tint me!)

{minuit} Perspective v1 [up] (lips)
/ HEAD / lelutka EvoX CEYLON 3.0

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