Carpe Noctem. “Jennie” Satin Dress

Hello everyone! Here’s a new release from me inspired by kpop! I used to be a big fan of kpop, and my favorite girl group was Girl’s Generation.

With regards to my inactivity, I am beginning the process of easing back into creating through the end of this year into the next. Going forward, I will not be supporting as many bodies as I used to, in favor of rotating the rigs on a per release basis so I cover more bodies. While I would love to accommodate everyone, SL is not my primary source of income as I have a demanding job in RL as a software engineer, and I have to spend my time wisely to avoid overtaxing my health and causing extra stress, which was the reason for the extended absence and slow release schedule this past year.

That being said, I hope you enjoy this release as much as I did creating it! It was super fun to come up with a brand new original design after all this time, and hopefully there will be more coming soon.

“Jennie” Satin Dress is rigged for Maitreya Lara, and Legacy. It comes in 30 colors. The fatpack HUD allows for color change of the dress, sleeve, lace, and trim. Carpe Noctem & AYAYA VIP members can purchase this release for a 5% discount wearing the group tag.

Available on November 13 @ KPop United.

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