Dark Mage Academy

Yearbook entry: most likely to be a pyromaniac. Allegedly, of course. In other news, it’s time for the end of month photo spam. I hope everyone is ready. The Crystal Heart Festival{HIME*DREAM} Magic Academy .StellaBeret. – (BLACK){HIME*DREAM} Magic Academy .StellaDress. – (BLACK) Anthem[Yomi] Milo Hair

Cotton Candy Eater

When was the last time I had cotton candy? I literally don’t remember. I want to have cotton candy again sometime. Maybe it’ll be possible next year? The Crystal Heart Festival::{u.f.o}::magical girl (dress) Mainstore{Limerence} Cynthia hair{Limerence} Cynthia hatLyrium. Bunny Cotton Candy Hold 1 ANIMATED (Gyazo)

Daytime Robber

Is it really that conspicuous? Possibly, of course! I took this a while back but never got around to posting it. Of course, it’s better late than never. Mainstore* SK * Ivette (outfit)[monso] Morgana HairTROPIX // THIS DOOR BACKDROP – 01

It’s All The Same

But is it really? The answer is probably not. It takes a lot of coincidences and things to make everything the same. Unfortunately, we don’t even know if we can even achieve these coincidences. Planet29{Nyaru} – Willow Eyeshadow Mainstore{Limerence} Cassandra hair with hatTOP1SALON – HD NAMI P2 LIPSTICK PALE/ HEAD / lelutka EvoX AVALON 3.0

Dreamy Beach Weather

It’s nice when it’s not too hot. Of course, those days are ending. I think we keep hitting new record highs every year. Is it even possible to live without air conditioning at this point? UberMINIMAL – Cala Bonita Scene LEVEL*HolliPocket* Mishie Lingerie-sunny ❤ Mainstore*Tentacio* Suculenta lover bouquet

To Be a Soul

I don’t know what that means, but something probably! I am super late with these posts. I think I’m finally ready to make a return to SL. It’s been a nice month break! FaMESHed[monso] Ruda2 Hair Equal10T1S – BESTIE EYELINER (BOM) 1TOP1SALON – HD ROSE LIPSTICK PALE Mainstore/ HEAD / lelutka EvoX AVALON 3.0

A Brief Cold Spell

The weather is still wild, but I suppose that’s expected. It’s going to be super hot soon enough though. In the summer, my PC makes it super hot in here. It’s a sacrifice I have to make, though. Mainstore::{u.f.o}::HOHO winter look – RARE1{Limerence} Lucia hairz

Pink Hues of Day

Sometimes, there is a pink day! I don’t really know how often that is, though. I am tired! Such is life, though. Kustom9cheezu. summer pin set blanc.cheezu. sunny dress Mainstoretaikou / rainbow pride choco (hold – L)

To Keep Moving

It’s important to keep moving! Staying in the same place too long can get tedious. I’m waiting for the day when I can travel again. It really has been too long. Mainstore[Glam Affair] Bibi Skin – Ivory/ HEAD / lelutka EvoX AVALON 3.0