Urban Comfort

Living in the city like this would be really nice, but really expensive. Hell, stuff is already expensive as it is in San Jose. I’m hoping to get a nice place in a few years from now, but I can wait. The Men’s DepartmentK&S – // Harmony. ADULT bed white AnthemK&S – // Harmony. SkyboxK&S … More Urban Comfort

Nap All Day

When the bed is just in the other room, this is bound to happen. I’ve been working my ass off last few days on various things. I can’t take a nap quite yet. I’m coming out with new items very soon. Stay tuned! Whore Couture FairK&S – // Sasha.5 (bento pose) Mainstore{le fil casse} Vienna … More Nap All Day

Something Pink

It’s probably an accurate descriptor of maybe 95% of my feed. What can I say? I just like to edit pink things. Pastel colors are nice too, though. Whore Couture FairK&S – // Sasha.2 (bento pose){Buing} Robin Outfit Pink

Stay on Couch

For once, it might save your life. Personally, I don’t have a couch. I do have a gaming chair and many many games to play, however. Too bad Blender is constantly calling me to go work on stuff. Whore Couture FairK&S – // Sasha.4 (bento pose)[^.^Ayashi^.^] Bonny hair Kustom9{le fil casse} Raine Dress Pink

Sometimes Graceful

Everyone has time they are graceful, and times when they’re awkward. Self-awareness goes a long way in mitigating or capitalizing on these times. Then there are people out there who are very, very cringe, but have no idea that they are. Whore Couture Fair[^.^Ayashi^.^] Hideri hair Uber{le fil casse} Jonna Bodysuit Perky White

Vivid Age

Fantasy plays a lot on medieval tropes, so I’d say it’s one of the more prominent ages featured in literature. Long ago, elves were seen as diminutive creatures. After Lord of the Rings, everyone portrays them as graceful, long-lived, and beautiful. It’s interesting to see the influence J.R.R Tolkien has had on the fantasy genre … More Vivid Age