Mostly (?) Censored

I have no idea how everything is staying on. Maybe I have really sticky skin? In any case, sometimes things are better on than off. Hentai FairEVIE – Censored BraEVIE – Censored PantiesEVIE – Censored Garter LEVIE – Censored Garter REVIE – Censored Tentacle Dildo

Maybe date?

Avoid crowded places, though, at least for now. I never understood the difference between “SL relationship” and “RL relationship.” How is it any different? The Gacha Garden01 RARE -Sorumin- Maybe date? GACHA -His coat-03 -Sorumin- Maybe date? GACHA -Earring WHITE-13 -Sorumin- Maybe date? GACHA -Handbag WHITE-22 -Sorumin- Maybe date? GACHA -Dress BABYPINK- MainstoreMyth – Magnolia … More Maybe date?

Urban Life Right Now

Warnings are sounding off all over the US right now. I’m apprehensive as to what the future might bring for all of us. It seems that unfortunately, despite our best efforts, global containment of the COVID-19 has failed. I really thought that this kind of global pathogen was the stuff of games like the Division, … More Urban Life Right Now


Sometimes you can tell by looking when a person likes you! Body language is an important part of life. I wonder what mine conveys, but it’s hard to know because I can’t see myself. Accesscheezu. bona mesh ears

Singing to Myself

Everyone does it in the shower, right? I used to do it as a kid, but I’ve not been in such high spirits in a long time since I’m adulting now. My household is sick right now, so I’m a bit behind on everything yet again. AnthemLuas Sousi BeltLuas Sousi Dress The Liaison CollaborativeLe Poppycock-Up … More Singing to Myself

Frozen 2

←me – my alt→ I’ve never seen either movie! Maybe one day I will watch it, but as of right now I’m not interested. If anything, I’m sad the Aladdin show at Disneyland’s California Adventures was replaced by a Frozen show. We Love Roleplay(on me) * SK * Elsita blue  boots(on me) * SK * … More Frozen 2