Armchair Potato Living

I’m feeling very lazy! I’m always feeling very lazy though. Today I awoke earlier than expected. I also have more work than expected. Level_CandyDoll_ Asahi Bra_CandyDoll_ Asahi Panties_CandyDoll_ Asahi Waist Anthem_CandyDoll_ Lydia Heels

Depth of Field Snowfall

Snow produces nice bokeh effects. Everyone knows how much I love my bokehs. Today I’m lagging behind. It’s a tiring day! FaMESHedSCANDALIZE.AMISHARY COATSCANDALIZE.AMISHARY SKIRT The Warehouse Sale::C’est la vie !:: Mei Bag Mainstore{Limerence} Ness hair

Tiny Snowman Pals

They’re happy as long as they don’t melt! If it’s cold enough, they should be fine (but I’ll probably freeze!). I have caffeine withdrawal today. Oh, joy. FaMESHed(left) .Safira. Cynthia Jeans(left) Sintiklia – Hair Florance(right) Seniha. Sinai Sweater(right) Seniha. Sinai Skirt Mainstore(left) Palette. – Snow Vest(left) Palette. – Snow Top(left) Sintiklia – Hair Adaline(left) Lyrium. … More Tiny Snowman Pals

Cooler Toned Portrait

Only very slightly cooler, though. I prefer warm tones. Today I’m struggling a lot trying to bake my group gift. It’s pissing me off! The Warehouse SaleEVERMORE. [ ami – eyes ] – OMEGA – HUD.BKMH – Hair F154 MainstoreAvoixs – Rose Skin – BOM – E1 Brown

Ice and Cold Day

As opposed to night? I don’t know! Time is a weird construct when you have been sleeping for two days straight. However, I am finally awake now! The Warehouse Sale{S0NG} Time Eyes Mainstore[^.^Ayashi^.^] Akiyo hair{minuit} Nana Skin Brown {01}


←Namsoo – me→ widepeepoBlanket (lulWut pepeLaugh TeaTime) I am on Twitch.TV way too much. It’s good as background noise though. Men Only MonthlyK&S – // Don’t tell // Bento pose Mainstore(on me) [^.^Ayashi^.^] Hatori hair(on me) kotte – fluffy socks

Falling Snow Portrait

It’s a portrait mode portrait! I am messing around with things yet again. Usually I wear the palest tone of a skin, but today I’m wearing one of the darkest! It is definitely an interesting experience for me. LevelTOP1SALON – HD BURGEON LIPSTICK TAN NUDE Men Only MonthlyGloom. – Filth Collection – D.Brown (eyes) MainstoreLeLUTKA.Head.Zora.2.5

Stirling House Console

Every house needs a place to put things! Personally, I need more storage. It’s hard to keep collections of things without a lot of space. Unfortunately said space is extremely expensive. Mainstore.peaches. Stirling Console – Console Black.peaches. Stirling Console – Console Clutter (black).peaches. Stirling Console – Basket (green blank).peaches. Bunny Hunnies – Tulips.peaches. Bunny Hunnies … More Stirling House Console

Finding a Warm Beach Somewhere

Beach? What is a beach (part 2309482342)? I’ve been sleeping a lot today! On the plus side, I feel better. MainstoreEVIE – Beach Affair – BraEVIE – Beach Affair – PantiesEVIE – Beach Affair – PareoEVIE – Beach Affair – Top.peaches. Paislee’s Paradise ChairAmitie Wanderlust Pier 02 (pose)