To Take a Walk

←me – my alt→ Walks are nice, but nowadays it’s still best to minimize them, or schedule them for minimal contact times. I’d rather lose some cardio capacity then die from pneumonia. We Love Roleplay(on me) [V/W] + Faida – Dilaya Maitreya Blue(on me) [V/W] + Faida – Dilaya Maitreya Bolero Blue(on alt) [V/W] + … More To Take a Walk


I finally made an SL Facebook today; it took me about 8 tries because Facebook kept deactivating my accounts. Persistence wins out in the end though! I’ll include the link to my Facebook in a few days once I have time to set it up more fully. We Love RoleplayBelle Epoque { Amelia } White

Springtime Nap

←me – my alt→ Naps are what’s actively screwing over my sleep schedule right now. I think last night I couldn’t fall asleep until after 4am, and I blame the tiny nap I took in the afternoon. I need to get back in a regular sleep cycle as soon as possible or productivity will tank … More Springtime Nap

Like Clockwork

It’s a potentially violent clockwork doll. I mean, what else is that gun going to be used for? I’m a big fan of steampunk, but I don’t really do a lot of steampunk themed pictures. The ArcadeLuas Milicent Bento Wings RARELuas Milicent Bracers BlackLuas Milicent Doll KeyLuas Milicent Dress RARELuas Milicent GunLuas Milicent Hat BlackLuas … More Like Clockwork


←me – my alt→ In college I had the same roommate, my best friend, for 3 years. I actually knew within the first week after school started that we would be great roommates, so I asked her to be my roommate and she agreed. During the summer I had randomly assigned roommates, but I don’t … More Roommates


←me – my alt→ Since all the movies have been delayed, there’s a good chance Wonder Woman 1984 will also be delayed. The first one was one of the rare decent films in DCEU. I’m hoping The Flash will be good. I like Erza Miller’s interpretation of the Flash. The Arcade(on me) Belle Epoque { … More Themyscira