Sleepless Mornings

So about fixing my sleep…. It’s 7am and I haven’t slept. Time to head off to bed! For a little while, that is. FaMESHed(left) _CandyDoll_ Brisele Dress(left) _CandyDoll_ Brisele Heels(right) {le fil casse} Koharu Dress Mainstore(left) – Sweet Art – Mina Pose 4(right) – Sweet Art – Moni Pose 1

Gentle Fall Colors

Spring colors in fall and winter can work sometimes. I personally have been wearing a lot of dark colors for a while in SL. I’m really tired this week even though it’s my break week! Work never sleeps. FaMESHed(left) Belle Epoque – Candace (dress) Anthem(right) Belle Epoque – Harper Panties(right) Belle Epoque – Harper (dress) … More Gentle Fall Colors

Almost Thanksgiving

I am spending this Thanksgiving at home! It’s to risky to go anywhere. The COVID daily infections chart is some horror movie stuff. America, the “greatest country in the world,” is also the global epicenter. Cosmopolitan(right) Seniha. Kandy Dress(right) Seniha. Kandy Sleeves Vanity(left) – Sweet Art – Tati Pose 5 (also: Idle Animation) The Kawaii … More Almost Thanksgiving

Toasty Morning

My favorite is butter and toast! I also like strawberry jam, too, of course. I don’t really have toast all that much, though. However, I bought bread recently, so tomorrow I might have some! MainstoreTROPIX // Toaster Lift 01

Give You the Finger

This is just the casual flip off. I am a rude person! Actually, I can be rude sometimes. Generally, it’s intentional and targeted. Level_CandyDoll_ Roslin Boots_CandyDoll_ Roslin Jacket_CandyDoll_ Roslin Skeleton Hand MainstoreAmitie Autumn Hanging Chair 03m (pose)

Bony Hands

How many people contributed their hands? Who really knows? I took a day off from blogging. It’s just been a massive slugfest lately, but now I feel refreshed! Kinky*Tentacio* Trisha bra legacy*Tentacio* Trisha chain face gold*Tentacio* Trisha harness black gold*Tentacio* Trisha headpiece FaMESHedSintiklia – Hair Skylar

Knit Weather

Cold weather is knit weather! I am in such a knit mood. In the same vein, more knits will be coming very soon! I’m actually loving this season for creating. Uber(right) =Zenith= Annalise Knit Dress (ALL) Legacy(left) SPIRIT – Talisy sweater(left) SPIRIT – Talisy jeans(left) SPIRIT – Talisy boots N21(right) =Zenith=Margrey Boots Mainstore(left) – Sweet … More Knit Weather