Until Night Falls

It’ll be fun to walk around when it’s not dark. Cities look very different at night and during the day. Personally I prefer looking at a city in the day time. Of course, they’re still very beautiful at night. Access[Glam Affair] Cara Layer Fair A Mainstore/ HEAD / lelutka EvoX AVALON 3.1


White and fresh can be great for fall! Honestly, I think it’s good year round. Most of my walls are white. Actually, I’ve never lived in a place where the walls weren’t white. MainstoreMINIMAL – Ibiza Skybox

Curtains Hall

It’s apparently windy today! Honestly, it’s always pretty windy here. Yesterday was rainy. This is very rare for California. Anthem{HIME*DREAM} Adeline Uniform MainstoreMINIMAL – Curtains Backdrop[monso] Hopa Hair

No Scars

I wonder if there is someone out there with not a single physical scar. It would mean they never got a scarring injury. I had a few scars as a kid, but they mostly faded as I grew up. I’m sure if I got scarred now, it would be much more visible. Uber[Glam Affair] Rayne … More No Scars

School Buddy

The teacher probably won’t allow it, but who cares? I haven’t tried bringing a stuffed animal to school before. Honestly, before I even realized, I was already in middle and high school. I only really had two years of elementary. Man CaveTROPIX // School Interior BackDrop 01 MainstoreLagom – Megabear [ Dark ][Yomi] Enyo Hair

Hazy Pink Day

I don’t know what a pink day is like, but I’m sure it’s pretty! There are lots of beautiful scenes in the world. I want to see the world’s natural beauty. Unfortunately, climate change is messing a lot of it up. MainstoreLagom – Wall heartmist

The Upper Floors

What’s up here, I wonder? I don’t really know. Upper floors and basements can be interesting. I’ve only really lived on the first floor, though. Harajukukotte – casual joggers The Warehouse SaleTROPIX // Factory Platform Backdrop 01 w/smoke Mainstore[Yomi] Nari Hair

Walking Around Town

It’s fun to look around! I haven’t walked around in ages. I’m running super late this month. It can’t be helped, though! Tres ChicSintiklia – Hair Margot Collabor88 (September)=Zenith=Evette (outfit)=Zenith=Evette Collar

Kunoichi Life

I don’t know what the lifestyle of a kunoichi is like at all! I assume it’s very rigorous. Today is kind of a slow day. I need to get more stuff done! We ❤ Roleplay (September)=Zenith=Sparrow Dress=Zenith=Sparrow Gloves=Zenith=Sparrow Shoes=Zenith=Sparrow Sword Mainstore.Olive. the Lyric Hair