Only By Myself

Sometimes I get overloaded with people demanding things from me, so it’s nice to be by myself. This week has been one of those weeks. I really don’t feel like doing much these days. It’s just a lot to handle. Mainstore{Limerence} Susan hair{Limerence} Susan add-onSPIRIT – Fiya topSPIRIT – Fiya jeans

Snapback Style

There was a period of time where I wore snapbacks, but that was before I became a working professional. It’s hard to justify wearing one when your dress code is business casual. On another thought, I wonder where my business casual clothes went. I haven’t touched them in years at this point. MiixPsycho Pills Sunset … More Snapback Style

In Our Underwear

←my alt – me→ Why wear clothes when underwear do trick? Technically underwear is clothing, right? In other news, I procrastinated all day. Very fun (not). Miix(on me) *HolliPocket* Kim Bra-black(on me) *HolliPocket* Kim Panty-black Itty Bitty Titty Committee(on alt) -:zk:- Giselle Bra(on alt) -:zk:- Giselle Panty MainstoreLyrium. Girls Dual Pose 21

Steam Dancarina

It’s always dark and smoggy here. Water vapour causes fog and global warming! I woke up so late today. It’s really tiring! Engine Room*:..Silvery K..:*SteamDancarina(Jacket)*:..Silvery K..:*SteamDancarina(Pants)

Love Cherries

Fresh cherries are delicious! They do go bad fast, though. My favorite fruit is still strawberries. They are so tasty! The Warehouse Sale{Rosier} / Sherry Dress AnthemNINI Planet. DUMDI DUMDI :: RARE1 Mainstore*Tentacio* Flower romance. daisy lemonade

Bunny at Home

Why not dress up at home? Or should I say dress down? I am so lazy today. I don’t want to do anything. AnthemStealthic – Metropolis (hair) MainstoreOSMIA – Eva.BraOSMIA – Eva.Headband.BunnyOSMIA – Eva.Pantieskotte – choco strawberry – pink stripes

Outside the House

If the weather is nice, it’s fun to spend time outside. I don’t really go outside regardless, though. In other news, how is it Sunday already? I am so confused. The Warehouse Sale(left) ::C’est la vie !:: Jenni Dress(right) uzu : Nari Outfit Equal10(right) – Sweet Art – Cute Bag Long [hold 1] Mainstore(left) kotte … More Outside the House

Morning Coffee and Cookies

Eating sweets in the morning is fine, right? I want more coffee now. I had to drop some events. It’s just too much work for me to handle right now. Chronicles & LegendsTROPIX // Dark Urban SkyBox – 01 MainstoreAde – Skylie (hair)[Glitzz] Spring Pasties[Glitzz] Spring Panties[Glitzz] Spring Underbust*Tentacio* Romantic morning. Cocoa

Neo-Japan SL Event Photo Contest 7 – Ai Kiyori

It’s my last post this round! I will probably do one with the remaining items after the round is over, but for now, that’s a wrap! In other news, I have too many events to finish today. I think things will take a while. Neo-Japan*Tentacio* spirit of the past mask*:..Silvery K..:*KimonoMesh(ModernSAKURA)[monso] Choi Hair09:BOILDEGG CYBER AQUARIUM … More Neo-Japan SL Event Photo Contest 7 – Ai Kiyori