Infinite Wall Archway

Where does it lead? I wouldn’t know. I’m kind of tired. I’m always kind of tired. Ota-Con[Yomi] Haru Hair MainstoreTROPIX // Old Orient Backdrop – Yellow w/o SandTROPIX // Old Orient Backdrop – Red w/o SandTROPIX // Old Orient Backdrop – Pink w/o SandTROPIX // Old Orient Backdrop – Orange w/o SandTROPIX // Old Orient … More Infinite Wall Archway

Outdoor Food Stand

Snacks are always welcome! Unless I’m super full. My appetite is odd these days. That’s to be expected, I suppose. Mainstore[Cinoe] Festival soup stall – Box[Cinoe] Festival soup stall – Chowder[Cinoe] Festival soup stall – Corn cream[Cinoe] Festival soup stall – Curry[Cinoe] Festival soup stall – Cutting board and kitchen knife[Cinoe] Festival soup stall – … More Outdoor Food Stand

Yawned Too Much

Because I’m sleepy! I’m always sleepy. I can’t fall asleep, but when I fall asleep, I end up oversleeping. There’s no middle ground! Mainstore(Enfer Sombre*) LeLutka Evox Eyelid – Peach – Snow(Enfer Sombre*) LeLutka EvoX Tears – Lili {A}{White}

The Necessary Ingredients

For a smoothie, it’s probably just fruit and sugar. Sometimes just fruit works, if the fruit is good. I personally like smoothies. I just never have them often. MainstoreLuas Dolce DressLuas Dolce SleevesLuas Dolce Fanny Pack{Limerence} Jodie hairLYBRA . ILA (boots)

Piggy Rider

I don’t mind this cutie hitching a ride. So cute! I slept in weird intervals today. There’s really no time to sleep! Anthem[Heaux] Moonie – Dark Brows – (Clear) Ivory *GA (skin) MainstoreEVIE – Piggy Plush [Bananna]/ HEAD / lelutka EvoX AVALON 3.0

Brooklyn Loft

I’ve never been to Brooklyn! Or anywhere in New York, for that matter. Actually during college visitation, I had a chance to visit Columbia. I didn’t end up going since I already took so many weeks off school to visit colleges. UberMINIMAL – Brooklyn Loft Skybox

Imagine Knowledge

That’s what the old philosophers did, right? Before the scientific method. At least, we have ways of testing knowledge now. More specifically, if something is wrong in most cases. Anthem*Tentacio* Casandra bottle*Tentacio* Casandra headpiece*Tentacio* Casandra magazine Collabor88[monso] Hunkaa Hair Mainstore{HIME*DREAM} Amelia Outfit

Blonde and Blue

Actually, I used to be blonde a few years back for fun. It was extremely high maintenance. I used to also have blue circle lenses. Of course, these days, I don’t really bother with those things anymore. MainstoreIDTTY FACES – MOON SHINE COLLECTION/ HEAD / lelutka EvoX AVALON 3.0

Archery Priest

Who says priests can’t fight? I suppose religion likes to establish priesthood as nonviolent. It’s interesting to see what kinds of religions and religious beliefs have influenced fantasy. Of course, the most obvious is definitely Christianity. MainstoreNO.MATCH_NO_SUNRAY (hair)Belle Epoque – The Priestess – Bracelets WhiteBelle Epoque – The Priestess – Forehead Tiara WhiteBelle Epoque – … More Archery Priest

Where We Intended

We don’t always end up where we intended, but it’s not always a bad thing. In some cases, it might even be a spectacular thing. I am sleepy! However, I am more productive than a few days ago. FaMESHed{Limerence} Alyssa hair{Limerence} Alyssa hat MainstoreUNA. WandaBlouse Pink*Tentacio* Cute jar. Succulent