Silly me uploaded the wrong pic so this is a redo! I must be too tired. I think I will pass out for a while and then resume things later. FaMEShed XSeniha. Salma Body Mainstore.Olive. the Robin HairLyrium. Neon Chair No Lights

Comfort Zone Idling

Most people have a comfy place, I think? Who really knows? I suppose there are some people who don’t have any comfy places. It might really depend on your economic status and whether or not you’re currently being detained and/or imprisoned and/or genocided by the government. Collabor88_CandyDoll_ KARINE Jump_CandyDoll_ KARINE Heels MainstoreLyrium. Comfort Zone BackdropLyrium. … More Comfort Zone Idling

Feel of Spring

There are flowers! There are also allergies! I slept 10 hours again! Feels very good man. Mainstore::C’est la vie !:: Poppy EarringGloom. – Sinner Collection – Dark Brown{minuit} Storm Skin – Eyebrow [Pitaya]{minuit} Pitaya Fruit [Normal] (body skin)

Waiting at the Bench

I have no clue what I’m waiting for. That is surprisingly not an uncommon sentiment. In other news, I’ve been distracted all day working on Uber. I redid my mesh about 3 times now! Anthem (February)=Zenith=Giselle Dress MainstoreNO.MATCH_NO_WHATEVER (hair).peaches. Emberly Bench – With Blanket:LW: Bento Poses – Free

Robe at Home

It’s important to stay comfy at home. I’m super tired! My sleeping is all weird as usual. I sometimes get a normal night’s sleep, but it rarely lasts. Mainstore=Zenith=Jayleen Fur Dressing Gown Transparent / Legacy.peaches. Kathy Fireplace Set – Old Rug – 1 (deco).peaches. Kathy Fireplace Set – Fireplace (White).peaches. Kathy Fireplace Set – Frame … More Robe at Home

Beautiful Spring Flower Bloom

Who doesn’t love flowers? Maybe those people who are allergic. I am going to sleep soon! It’s about bedtime for me. Orsy(right) Seniha. Patrice Dress Equal10Amitie Floral Phone Booth(right) Amitie Floral Phone Booth 4 (pose) Mainstore(left) OSMIA – Riley.Crop Top(left) OSMIA – Riley.Pants with Laces

Happily Ever in Bed

I’d like nothing better, but, unfortunately, THINGS MUST BE DONE! I am operating on less than 5 hours of sleep this entire week. Unfortunately, lack of sleep effects are catching up. Also, there is the problem of eye strain. KinkyPalette – Guilty Pleasure BraPalette – Guilty Pleasure corsetPalette – Guilty Pleasure PantiesLYBRA . MISSY (heels) … More Happily Ever in Bed