Dolly Pink

I over-napped today! These posts are running a tiny bit late. I’ve been extra sleepy these days, and I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s the constant weird sleeping. The Warehouse Sale[Salem] Dolly Collar // MaitreyaEVERMORE. [ honey – lashes ] – HUD.BMIDNA – Dara Rings – Left HandMIDNA – Dara Rings – Right Hand{S0NG} :: … More Dolly Pink

Mystical Koge

I’m too busy crunching for a creative caption today! The Arcade*The Mystic*Koge Yukata Kimono (Tiffany) – RARE*The Mystic*Koge Yukata Geta (Tiffany)*The Mystic*Koge Yukata Glove (Tiffany)*The Mystic*Koge Yukata Headpiece (Tiffany)*The Mystic*Koge Yukata Collar (Tiffany)*The Mystic*Koge Yukata Pipes (Tiffany)

Bench Break

It’s nice to find a bench to plop down on after you’ve been walking for many hours. Sitting even for a small moment can be relaxing. When I went traveling, we had to walk for many hours to fit everything we wanted to see in our schedule. It does get super tiring! The Arcade*Tentacio* Shayana … More Bench Break

Allegory of Grace

Who can find what the allegory here is? I most certainly have no clue whatsoever. I wonder if sometimes artists just make random stuff, and then people later over-analyze. I’m personally not an artist, so I can’t say. The ArcadeRicielli – Aella Jacket BlackRicielli – Aella Shorts BlackRicielli – Aella Top Black Vanity– Sweet Art … More Allegory of Grace

Burano Street

I’d like to visit Italy in person, but until then, it’s nice to see recreations in SL. COVID’s 2nd wave is hitting most places, so we’re stuck in place for a while. Of course, in America, we never got over wave 1, so wave 2 isn’t really a real wave. It’s more like a continuation. … More Burano Street


This is another sneak peek at our (perpetually) unfinished onsen sim! I’ve been meaning to finish it, but I’m not sure when I’ll ever get around to it. In other news, I overslept today again. Tomorrow will be hell! The ArcadeLuas Saori Body PinkLuas Saori Corset PinkLuas Saori Katana PinkLuas Saori Shoes PinkLuas Saori Sleeves … More Saori

Happily Ever After

I am a firm believer in being in charge of your own fate. Happily ever afters are there for people who strive for them. Also, a lot of my friends have gotten married. I’m not planning on it for at least some years, though. The ArcadeBelle Epoque – Happy Ever After – DressBelle Epoque – … More Happily Ever After

Check Shirring

I’ve been in a fall mood! Also, I’m not being very creative with names today. Sleepiness ensues when I sleep weird hours. Even coffee isn’t doing too much these days. AnthemNINI Planet. check shirring dress Vanity– Sweet Art – Gaia Pose 2