Thoughtfully Vapid

Sometimes two opposing things can be true at the same time! It’s sometimes a difficult concept to grasp. People are oxymorons. They are both certain things. The Warehouse SaleRENIE : Poppy Bodysuit Access.Olive. the Juliet Hair

Combat Depot

It’s best to not come in unannounced! Since it’s abandoned, there may be bandits. In other news, it’s super hot these days. Summer just suddenly arrived. The Warehouse Sale{S0NG} Lottie EyesSEKA’s Belted TopSAC 1911 PLUS pistol (L) v1.00 FULL MainstoreTROPIX // Deposit Carrier BackDrop 01

Neo-Love Fabricant

Now with 200% more realism (allegedly)! I wonder at which point the “uncanny valley” factor goes away? It’s always interesting to see how we struggle to replicate human faces. On the plus side, cute cartoon style things are always a viable option. The Warehouse Sale[Salem] Elvira DressSAPA poses 125.2

A Hundred Things

Maybe there’s more than 100 things to do! They just keep piling up. Today was a tiring day. It’s not over yet though! The Warehouse Sale:uzu: Dana Outfit[Yomi] Sora HairSAPA poses 125.1

Things That Matter More

Such as eating and sleeping, perhaps? I’ve done a lot of eating, but not a lot of sleeping. This is a long weekend. I have today off! Collabor88[monso] Jisoo Hair LEVEL*HolliPocket* Renee Wrap-bubblegum ❤ Mainstore*Tentacio* Pass at sunset. Coffee

The Never Have

There are definitely lots of things I have and lots of things I haven’t done! It’s a very redundant statement. I have been taking a long break! It’s time to get back to work though. Mainstore1 – PUMEC– TAYLOR – BOM – EVO X / LEGACY– PUMEC – EARS – JANUARY/ HEAD / lelutka EvoX … More The Never Have

Visiting in Windy Weather

Today was reaaally windy! I don’t mind, of course. On an unrelated note, I think I played too much FFXIV. I can feel the carpal coming. UberMINIMAL – Maggy Building Full Square School Daycheezu. himari school dress Mainstore*Tentacio* Pass at sunset. ice cream