Super Early Flowers

Surely flowers are blooming somewhere, right? The earth is a large place. I am up late! Unfortunately, I have a meeting tomorrow. Kinky*Tentacio* Fae headpiece*Tentacio* Fae top pink La vie en poseCarpe Noctem. “Rose Boudoir” Bento Pose 4Carpe Noctem. Valentine’s Day Rose Prop 4

Purple Strap District?

What kind of district is that? Who really knows? I am enjoying my day of doing mostly nothing. Of course, I have to get started on the next thing soon. Kinky–MUSU– Oni Body Suit FatpackERSCH – Margo TopERSCH – Margo TopCrystals

Ivory Passage

It’s a bright and fancy passage! I almost want to type fanxy. I’m so sleepy! Today is a nice idle day after spending all yesterday working. Collabor88MINIMAL – Ivory Passage skybox KinkyUNA. Any DressUNA. Any Fur Cosmopolitan[^.^Ayashi^.^] Yume hair

Big Pearl Portrait

Why wear a tiny pearl when you can wear a big one? At least, that’s the way right? I’m so sleepy again today. I slept almost 9 hours! KinkyGloom. – Babylon Collection – D.Green (eyes) Mainstore{minuit} Mint Skin Brown {01}Carpe Noctem. “South Sea” Pearl Earring

Carpe Noctem. “Snowball Fight” Metal Bucket

It’s still snowing, so that means snowball fights! If you carry your ammo around with you, you’ll never be caught unawares! I had fun scripting this for throwing. Actually, I ran into a lot of Blender issues during baking as well, so there was some improvisation! “Snowball Fight” Metal Bucket comes in 5 bucket colors … More Carpe Noctem. “Snowball Fight” Metal Bucket

Shinjuku Street Walk

I have no idea where I am. Also, I forgot my phone, so no GPS! It’s hard to get lost these days unless your phone runs out of battery, you’re in remote area, and you don’t have a battery bank. Cell coverage is pretty widespread. The Warehouse Sale.PALETO.Backdrop:.Shinjuku StreetFaida – Ellie ShirtFaida – Ellie Maitreya … More Shinjuku Street Walk