Take a Seat

Why stand up all day when you can sit all day and get flabby? I’ve actually not changed in my weight during all this time at home and not going to the gym. According to research, if you don’t use your entire range of motion doing things such as squatting and sitting cross legged, eventually … More Take a Seat

Entrance to June

I can’t believe it’s almost June already. It seems yesterday it was just March. Time is really unpredictable these days, with each day melding into the next. I’ve got to get more done! Belle.Safira. Hana Dress

Not Alone

←me – my alt→ It’s nice to spend shelter-in-place with someone else. I’m lucky to be living with my boyfriend. We keep each other company. I guess if you’re by yourself this entire time, things might get lonely and depressing. At the same time, we’re more connected than ever via Internet compared to even just … More Not Alone

Yellow Fields

←my alt – me→ Is yellow a spring color, or a summer color? Actually, it’s most likely both. I’ve been staying up late all week, and it’s finally catching up to me at random hours in the day. No more! I will sleep at normal times and get lots of work done! Mainstore(on me) cheezu. … More Yellow Fields

My Little Apartment

When your family isn’t super big, sometimes it’s nice to live in a little apartment or townhouse instead of a mansion. Things are less creepy and more cozy that way! I’ve not really heard stories about haunted apartments; mostly only haunted houses and sometimes hotels. Maybe it’s difficult to write stories about haunting places that … More My Little Apartment

Lovers Come, Lovers Go

Some stay many many decades though! At least, I hope so. I have no idea where the last 4 weeks have gone, but I’ve got events coming! Time to crunch! Cosmopolitan*CK* Scars on heart skirt Tres Chic*CK* Bad girl bra*CK* Bad girl jacket