Luxury Days

I want to go out and spend money, but I still can’t. Meanwhile, every other country is opening back up. Oh well, who would have thought this would happen anyway? At least I have stuff to interest me right now. Tres Chic-Sorumin- Luxury days SET MainstoreSintiklia – Hair Faithe breast size 1– Sweet Art – … More Luxury Days

People or Things

Why not both? You don’t always have to make a choice. Speaking of people, I am not the most sociable but I can always talk for hours. Sometimes it can be megafun, depending on the person. Kustom9=Zenith=Summer Jeans Jacket=Zenith=Lingerie mini dress

A Day at the Beach

←me – Shizuka→ Beach who? I don’t remember what a beach is anymore! Today I spent a bunch of time fixing rigging errors. Oh, joy. Mainstore(on Shizuka) Fanxy – A Day at the Beach (Female) Bento Pose 3(on Shizuka) Fanxy – A Day at the Beach (Female) Prop 3

What’s Already There

Don’t forget to look at what’s already there in pursuit of what you want to be there! It’s important to look both forwards and backwards. I’ve been doing well today! Every day there’s more work, but I’m handling it well. Kustom9Luas Dani BomberLuas Dani TopLuas Dani Skirt Vanity– Sweet Art – Lucy Pose 2 Breathing … More What’s Already There

Close We Were

I wanted to wear my Lelutka Fleur, but ended up using Erin again because I love it too much. If I could pick and choose features from both Fleur and Erin I’d end up with my ideal look. A lot of face shape mongering went into this picture, but no one will ever know! And … More Close We Were

Do It Right Once

←me – my alt→ Because I hate retaking pictures after missing critical errors. It’s the worst feeling in the world to check AFTER you’ve finished it and realize you messed something up. I’m back to doing some pics with my alt. I’ve missed her! HarajukuPalette. Mela Panties – WhitePalette. Mela Top – MermaidKARA \ Summer … More Do It Right Once

Four Shrug

4Shrug Really though, some things in life do make me 4Shrug. It’s mostly stupid and weird things that usually stem from people being melodramatic about themselves. For example, there are those people who always keep talking about reinventing themselves, but never actually shut up and do it. Additionally, people taking Second Life way too seriously … More Four Shrug

What Happens at the Beach

What happens at the beach definitely gets seen by everyone, so there’s that! Better not trip and fall or anything of the sort. I slept mega badly today, but oh well. Fear of missing early meetings always stresses me out. Cosmopolitan.Safira. Reyna Swimsuit.Safira. Reyna Pareo DubaiLyrium. By The Water Pose 3 (bento pose)

Busy Making Plans

Stuff doesn’t plan itself! I have lots to do for the upcoming months. I’m wondering what kind of clothing I should make for Halloween? I suppose we’ll find out soon. CosmopolitanRicielli – Becky Dress Vanity– Sweet Art – Jenni Pose 1 Breathing (bento pose)

Purpose of Happiness

Some people feel happy when people tell them they’re good; other people feel happy because they know they are the best. I never understood why so many people seek validation from others. Personally, it doesn’t make sense to me to place so much stock in someone else’s opinion, especially when usually those people are no … More Purpose of Happiness