Everyone makes mistakes when rushing, but for me I try my best to pay attention to detail. I don’t like failure. The solution is obviously to not rush, but I also like to procrastinate. Stupid Cupid[^.^Ayashi^.^] Kurumi hair The Liaison Collaborative:LW: Bento Poses – Missing You:LW: Drawing Pad with texture change:LW: Sleeping cat with texture … More Diligent

Quiet Stroll

←my alt – me→ Sometimes when your surroundings are peaceful, you don’t want to talk loudly or make a lot of noise. When we went traveling in Korea, there were a lot of posted signs in the gardens we went to about not raising your voice. We Love Roleplay(on me) Faida + [V/W] Zaya Maitreya … More Quiet Stroll

Wandering the Land

I love doing this in games-finding all the hidden easter eggs the developers leave. I’m also a lore fan, and this usually translates into me taking a much longer time to complete questchains because I’m busy reading the quests and watching the cutscenes. My reasoning is, someone put the effort and time in creating all … More Wandering the Land

Almost Warm

It’s not quite actually warm, so I still like my long sleeves. Actually, I like my long sleeves basically year round. When I was in middle school, a boy I had a crush on pushed up his long sleeves all the time, so I started doing it too. I think that was the last time … More Almost Warm

Art Loft

←my alt – me→ It’s also known as a studio. Maybe one day I’ll have a studio, but for now, it’s software engineering time! I do love art but I love my job more. VanityScandalize.CharoScandalize.Charo Heels FULL RedeuxzOOm – Keiko Dress MAITREYA pink Kustom9:HAIKEI: Innocent Dreamer / GACHA / 4 (decor):HAIKEI: Innocent Dreamer / GACHA … More Art Loft

Last Chill

There’s one more month left before it’s officially spring! Who knows how the weather will be though; everything is wonky these days. I for one hope for warm weather to come soon. FaMESHedBelle Epoque – Linda – White

Your Assistant

Just kidding, I am the one who needs that assist these days. Crunch time! Four pose sets are coming soon for Pose Fair. Keep an eye out! FaMESHedLuas Fiona Outfit The Liaison Collaborative:LW: Bento Poses – Hang On To The Moment:LW: Drawing Pad with texture change:LW: Pencil