Carpe Noctem. “Jen” Spring Dress

Spring means floral dresses! I like flower patterns; they’re always so pretty. I am always learning something new every time I make something. This one was definitely a struggle, mostly because a lot of things went wrong that shouldn’t have gone wrong. “Jen” Spring Dress is rigged for Maitreya Lara, Maitreya Lara Petite, Legacy, Legacy … More Carpe Noctem. “Jen” Spring Dress

Carpe Noctem. “Colorful Tulip” Clay Planter

It’s my very first attempt at flowers! I think it came out pretty well. I definitely want to make more flowers after this. I had a lot of fun. Carpe Noctem. “Colorful Tulip” Clay PlanterCarpe Noctem. “Colorful Tulip” Clay Planter Black BlueCarpe Noctem. “Colorful Tulip” Clay Planter Black YellowCarpe Noctem. “Colorful Tulip” Clay Planter Black … More Carpe Noctem. “Colorful Tulip” Clay Planter

Carpe Noctem. “Glazed Porcelain” Succulent Planter

My first real attempt at plants turned out pretty good! I’m pretty satisfied. Honestly, it was a one try. I like that I think about things beforehand and don’t waste a lot of time redoing work. Carpe Noctem. “Glazed Porcelain” Succulent PlanterCarpe Noctem. “Glazed Porcelain” Succulent Planter BlackCarpe Noctem. “Glazed Porcelain” Succulent Planter BlueCarpe Noctem. … More Carpe Noctem. “Glazed Porcelain” Succulent Planter