Carpe Noctem. “Glazed Porcelain” Succulent Planter

My first real attempt at plants turned out pretty good! I’m pretty satisfied. Honestly, it was a one try. I like that I think about things beforehand and don’t waste a lot of time redoing work. Carpe Noctem. “Glazed Porcelain” Succulent PlanterCarpe Noctem. “Glazed Porcelain” Succulent Planter BlackCarpe Noctem. “Glazed Porcelain” Succulent Planter BlueCarpe Noctem. … More Carpe Noctem. “Glazed Porcelain” Succulent Planter

Carpe Noctem. “Snowball Fight” Metal Bucket

It’s still snowing, so that means snowball fights! If you carry your ammo around with you, you’ll never be caught unawares! I had fun scripting this for throwing. Actually, I ran into a lot of Blender issues during baking as well, so there was some improvisation! “Snowball Fight” Metal Bucket comes in 5 bucket colors … More Carpe Noctem. “Snowball Fight” Metal Bucket

Carpe Noctem. “Planetary” Rotating Earring

So after making one accessory, I have decided that accessories are great fun to make! These are actually designs I came up with myself In other news, this earring is a collaboration with {le fil cassé} again! It’s kind of fun to do collaborations. “Planetary” Rotating Earring comes in 5 planet colors, 5 outer ring … More Carpe Noctem. “Planetary” Rotating Earring