Offed Her Head

I chopped off her head and stole her identity. Apparently, no one can tell the difference. This reminded me of the Legends of Tomorrow where they had to contain Marie Antoinette. It was quite funny. The ArcadeUNA. MariaAntoniete Dress (Mait.) PinkUNA. MariaAntoniete Collar (Mait.) PinkUNA. MariaAntoniete Sleeves (Mait.) PinkUNA. MariaAntoniete Head RARE Cosmopolitan[^.^Ayashi^.^] Yuna hair … More Offed Her Head

Halloween At Home

I’m debating dressing up for Halloween at home just for fun. It could be entertaining! I have lots of makeup to throw out due to quarantine period. Every opportunity to use some is some money saved! SalemSalt&Pepper Roxy Bunny MaskSalt&Pepper Roxy pantsSalt&Pepper Roxy topExile:: Helena -*Mask Edit* (A) (hair) AccessScandalize– HAT EVANORAScandalize.EVANORA BODY.FISHNETScandalize.EVANORA SLEEVESScandalize. Pantyhose … More Halloween At Home

Modern Witch’s Bedroom

Witches can use modern furniture too. Especially in 2020, I highly doubt they would be super backwards. I’m super sleepy right now. Please excuse any potential typos. The Arcade*Tentacio*Spooky room gacha. black candles*Tentacio*Spooky room gacha. bone mannequin*Tentacio*Spooky room gacha. gem invocation*Tentacio*Spooky room gacha. pink candles*Tentacio*Spooky room gacha. skull book*Tentacio*Spooky room gacha. spooky bag*Tentacio*Spooky room gacha. … More Modern Witch’s Bedroom

Strange and Unsettled

It’s always spooky finding strange people in underground parking lots where no one is around. Who knows what will happen to you? I don’t like underground parking in general. It just never feels right to me. The Dark Style Fair(left) [Yomi] Duna Hair Hallow Manor(right) Palette. – Bloody Mary (bodysuit) Tomb of Ancients(left) Palette. – … More Strange and Unsettled

Tranquil Evening

←my alt – me→ Play a lullaby because I want to sleep. It’s 4AM and I’m not tired because I woke up at like 1PM today. Fixing sleeping is always a pain. It’s basically the same as jet lag. Panic of Pumpkin in OkinawaOct 16th, 2020 08:00 AM – Oct 31st, 2020 08:00 AM (PDT)(on … More Tranquil Evening

Blinded Seeing

According to FFXIV, all you need to do is just see aether. I think it decreases your lifespan, though. In other news, this is the 2nd photo I’ve ever done with River. I think this one went better than my first attempt. The Dark Style Fair(Enfer Sombre*) LeLutka Skin – Albino – Akasha {Brown}(Enfer Sombre*) … More Blinded Seeing

Fallen Church

I’m pretty sure this isn’t supposed to be happening around a church. Of course, unless this church is fake and/or Satanic. It’s okay, because spookier things happen in movies. I am terrified of ghost movies. The ArcadeMINIMAL – Creepy Tree 01MINIMAL – Creepy Tree 03MINIMAL – Creepy Tree 04MINIMAL – Creepy Tree 06MINIMAL – Creepy … More Fallen Church

Flying Kaka

Usually flying kaka would be horrifying, but maybe it’s ok if it’s cute? I think? It’s interesting how the poop emoji has cute-ified poop. In the past, poop was just poop. The Arcadekotte – kaka land – angelkotte – kaka land – flower – whitekotte – kaka land – glasses – nerdkotte – kaka land … More Flying Kaka

DPS Party

You need both melee and ranged DPS for optimal party composition. Of course, tank and healers are needed too in order to facetank. I haven’t played MMOs in a long time, mostly because of SL stuff. I’d like to optimize my workflow a bit more so I’ll have time for that again. The Arcade(left) *The … More DPS Party