Strappy Things

This is totally out of my comfort zone, but what kind of photographer would I be if I didn’t tackle a variety of styles? At the same time, it was interesting to work on! That being said, there are some lewd poses coming very soon from my brand Fanxy. Things like this are a challenge … More Strappy Things

Living Room Selfie

Bathroom selfies are overrated when you have a cute living room! The one potential downside is lack of mirrors if you’re taking a picture with the back camera. Actually, I generally don’t take selfies indoors. Outdoor lighting is much better for front cameras, and even most back ones. Collabor88TETRA – Luna lace braletteTETRA – Luna … More Living Room Selfie

Spring-Summer Living Room

I’m getting better at decorations! Of course, everything comes naturally with practice. One thing I’m still working on is building a custom windlight for interior decor pictures. My usual windlight is nice, but I want to switch things up sometimes! Collabor88K&S – // Marie Couch. Pink Mainstore{what next} ‘Hello Spring’ Wreath Framed{what next} ‘Emma’ Tulips … More Spring-Summer Living Room

Blossom Weather

After being excruciatingly hot the previous days, the weather is actually good now! However, the temperatures are going back up soon. Meanwhile, the wiseness of the choice to stay at home continues to increase. It’s a good time to work on mesh! Collabor88_CandyDoll_ Anitta Bodysuit Plaid_CandyDoll_ Anitta Shorts Denim X_CandyDoll_ Anitta Heels Rose Equal10Lyrium. The … More Blossom Weather

The Crossing

Rope bridges can terrify me sometimes, but the views are usually great! Of course, in this case, they’re not real. Heights used to not affect me at all when I was a kid. Apparently that changed and now I’m not too fond of mesh or glass floors while I’m really far up in the air. … More The Crossing