It’s Like Magic

What if it really is magic? I wouldn’t know. I’ve got to catch up on so many things! It’s going to be a wild September. The Crystal Heart Festival (August)=Zenith= Amu-el Dress Bow=Zenith= Amu-el Dress=Zenith= Amu-el Heart Wand=Zenith= Amu-el Key Wandkotte – amu hair

On The Go Cookie

Sometimes you’re just too busy so you have a cookie on the go! It allegedly tastes just as good. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a cookie! Perhaps I will buy one. Access{HIME*DREAM} Mariana Uniform Tres Chic:LW: Bento Poses – I Love My Sweets 4:LW: sweets 4 – Cookie Mainstore[Yomi] Kiku HairTROPIX // … More On The Go Cookie

Among the Summer Ivy

The weather is nice here! Unfortunately, it’s not the case in real life. It’s still really hot. Then again, it is late August, after all. Anthem (August)=Zenith=Mona Dress=Zenith=Mona Sleeves Collabor88MINIMAL – IVY Backdrop -ONE- MainstoreLyrium. Sora Static & Breathing + Fingers Series Pose 1[Yomi] Mars Hair

The Dry Desert Heat

It’s better than humid heat! I can’t stand humidity anymore. In the past, I did better with heat. Being in California has gotten me accustomed to dry heat and not humidity anymore! Equal10MINIMAL – Serena Skybox Uber (August)=Zenith=Carla Top=Zenith=Carla Skirt The Liaison Collaborative:LW: Bento Poses – Last Days Of Summer 1 Mainstore{Limerence} Lexie hair{Limerence} Lexie … More The Dry Desert Heat

Chocolate Sweetness

Chocolate can be super sweet, or not so sweet! It’s one of the good aspects of the candy. I personally used to like super sweet chocolate as a kid, but as an adult I prefer dark chocolate. Things get too sweet these days. Okinawa Summer FestivalAugust 6, 2021 (8:00a PDT) – August 31, 2021 (11:59p … More Chocolate Sweetness

Summer in Pajamas

Spending summer in pajamas is quite nice! I like lounging about. Pajamas are very comfortable. I think I don’t remember what regular clothes feel like anymore! blanc..Olive. the Heidi Hair Mainstore::{u.f.o}::shasha homewear – top::{u.f.o}::shasha homewear – pantsLyrium. Hina Static & Breathing + Fingers Series Pose 1

Late Summertime

It’s almost the end of the summer! It’ll be time for school and autumn soon. A lot of people are already in Halloween mode. It’s been a long year! Collabor88::{u.f.o}::water bomb bikini – top::{u.f.o}::water bomb bikini – bottom[monso] Natalia Hair MainstoreAmitie – Paros Poses Pack 01

Enjoy The Time

Time never comes back! It only moves forward. I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time, but there’s no time to be pondering on that. Today I have a lot to get done. Collabor88TETRA – Vanity buttoned topTETRA – Vanity necklacesTETRA – Vanity pleated skirt FaMESHed[monso] Natasha Hair MainstoreAmitie – Albero Poses Pack 03

A New Day Starts

Every day this happens! The new day also ends at night. My sleep is kind of poop, but such is life. I am currently also on a caffeine detox. Kustom9MINIMAL – Cactus Backdrop -THREE- The Crystal Heart FestivalStealthic – Lilium (hair) Equal10Amitie – Albero Poses Pack 02 MainstorePsycho Pills – Luna Top // White

In the Financial District

It’s where all the rich people are! In San Francisco, the rich live right next to the poor. Visiting cities is always interesting. The dynamic between rich and poor is often very jarring. Equal10MINIMAL – NY Gossip StairsAmitie – Albero Poses Pack 01 The Crystal Heart FestivalSintiklia – Hair Akari AccessPalette – Farrah Top