Carpe Noctem. “Snowball Fight” Metal Bucket

It’s still snowing, so that means snowball fights! If you carry your ammo around with you, you’ll never be caught unawares! I had fun scripting this for throwing. Actually, I ran into a lot of Blender issues during baking as well, so there was some improvisation! “Snowball Fight” Metal Bucket comes in 5 bucket colors … More Carpe Noctem. “Snowball Fight” Metal Bucket

Carpe Noctem. “Planetary” Rotating Earring

So after making one accessory, I have decided that accessories are great fun to make! These are actually designs I came up with myself In other news, this earring is a collaboration with {le fil cassé} again! It’s kind of fun to do collaborations. “Planetary” Rotating Earring comes in 5 planet colors, 5 outer ring … More Carpe Noctem. “Planetary” Rotating Earring