Check Shirring

I’ve been in a fall mood! Also, I’m not being very creative with names today. Sleepiness ensues when I sleep weird hours. Even coffee isn’t doing too much these days. AnthemNINI Planet. check shirring dress Vanity– Sweet Art – Gaia Pose 2


It’s not a real word, but real words are overrated anyway (allegedly). I’ve never worn a corset before – I wonder if they’re uncomfortable. In other news, I’m up late today as expected. Crunch time! Anthem[Glitzz] Cianne Corset Dubai– Sweet Art – Mia Pose 4

Rain Romance

←my alt – me→ The sky is not always dark when it rains. Sometimes it’s super bright. It’s super late today! I’ve been staying up to watch Overwatch League All Stars. Pose FairMeli-Melo Bento Poses – Summer Rain SaNaRaeKARA \ Autumn Bliss (outfit)

Last of Beach Days

←me – my alt→ Actually, we never really had those to begin with this year. Of course, there are always those people who don’t have common sense and still packed the beaches. Speaking of common sense, I’m curious why it’s such a rare commodity these days. So many people lack it. The Arcade(on alt) {le … More Last of Beach Days

Small Blossom

They are so small, you can’t see them. I am too tired to be creative with names today. Somehow, I have a headache. Headaches cause loss of productivity, and I despise them. KPop United{le fil casse} Jisoo Dress[Yomi] Xiao Hair Vanity– Sweet Art – Gaia Pose 5

Swan Cafe

Maybe there are swans here, maybe there aren’t. Animals are skittish anyway. We do have some bold seagulls here though. In Asia, they flee as soon as they see you. KPop Unitedcheezu. swan outfit

Dynamic Girls

←me – my alt→ Dynamic is the opposite of stagnant, and I personally hate being stagnant. That being said, I’m also pretty lazy, so there’s an interesting dichotomy there. In other news, KPop United posts are coming! This was a fun event to create (and I suppose blog) for. KPop United(on alt) KARA \ Kiss … More Dynamic Girls

September Magic Hour

One of the basic rules of photography is to take photos during the golden hour. Of course, in SL, any time of day can be golden hour if you desire it. I’d like to get back into RL photography sometime. I’ve got a brand new mirrorless camera collecting dust. Equal10EVIE – Desire TopEVIE – Desire … More September Magic Hour