Some Other Plans

If there weren’t a pandemic, this month would definitely have been travel month! Unfortunately, here we are (stuck). I think I am exiting my hibernation, finally. It’s a lot though. The Inithium Event(left) CryBunBun – Chiyoko Bodysuit(right) KIRA STYLE- BODY HAISHA MainstoreLyrium. Girls Dual Pose 26[ INITHIUM ] KUPRA B.O.M. BODY__ V. 03 FULL BODY … More Some Other Plans

Some Are Looking

I suppose others are not? Who really knows? I should come out of my hibernation soon. I’m behind on a lot of stuff again. MainstoreTOP1SALON – HD FOGGY EYESHADOWTOP1SALON – HD GENTLY LIPSTICK SUNNY/ HEAD / lelutka EvoX CEYLON 3.0

Love, or Else?

Stabbity stab stab. Stab? I think in the past I could have been categorized as a yandere. These days, it’s much less so. LEVEL{Limerence} Lala hair Mainstore.Safira. Hara Sleeves.Safira. Hara Dress{minuit} Chou Knife

All at Once

Stuff likes to happen all at once or not at all! It’s rare to get slow and steady. I woke up ultra late, as expected. Back to sleep I go! MainstoreKITJA – Ela TopKITJA – Ela SkirtKITJA – Ela Panties[^.^Ayashi^.^] Inori hairLyrium. Bunny Bag Long Pearl Chain [hold 1]

Some Ribbons

Kind of self-explanatory, right? I wonder how well ribbons usually stay on people. It’s 6am. Time to get the fuck to bed. The Warehouse SaleERSCH – Monie BodystrapERSCH – Monie Legstrap MainstoreERSCH – Melian ChestRibbonERSCH – Melian LegRibbonLyrium. Kika Static & Breathing + Fingers Series Pose 1 (Gyazo)

Exciting and Worthwhile

It’s rare to find things that are exciting and worthwhile! Stuff can get boring and tedious very easily. There’s also the fear of missing out. Sometimes that causes people to inflate their perspectives! MainstoreLuas Beeca TopLuas Beeca Panty:LW: Bento Poses – Hopeful

Open Your Heart

To what, I don’t know! I haven’t thought that far. Today is mega-sleepy day. Sleepier than usual! UberSeniha. Sabinna TopSeniha. Sabinna JeansSeniha. Sabinna Pumps Kinky{Limerence} Leila hair Vanity– Sweet Art – Freya Bento Pose 1

Every Occasion

Everything is an occasion, technically. Yes, that’s a very empty statement. I’m sleepy. However, I have deadlines! MainstoreNO.MATCH_NO_SCRUBS (hair)(Enfer Sombre*) Genus Lips – Albino – Ivy {Rose}(Enfer Sombre*) Genus Eyebrows – Ivy {Brown}(Enfer Sombre*) Genus Skin – Albino – Ivy