Tropical Feeling Weather

It’s so stinking hot today, and morons are setting off fireworks at 3 IN THE AFTERNOON. I don’t understand, what the hell is the point of that? There’s been fireworks basically every single night for about a month already. People are angsty. Salon52Palette/[L] Cleo // Milk – BrowsPalette/[L] Basic Waterline liner MainstoreStealthic – Embers (hair)Stealthic … More Tropical Feeling Weather

Sywena Cosplay

I did a picture inspired by my good friend Sywena’s editing style. It’s fun! There are several things I don’t usually use in my pictures. Maybe in the future if I feel like it, I’ll cosplay Sywena again. She’s super talented, and super famous, and super popular, of course (hehe). FaMESHed XLuas Rosella MaskLuas Rosella … More Sywena Cosplay

Lewd Selfie-Taking

A selfie of me taking a selfie only makes sense here. I don’t take many selfies, let alone lewd ones like this. I’ll probably take one sometime, but just too lazy now. It falls into the same category as streaming – low priority. FaMESHed X[Glitzz] Dominika Top[Glitzz] Dominika Pasties[Glitzz] Dominika Panties[Glitzz] Dominika Hands Cufs[Glitzz] Dominika … More Lewd Selfie-Taking

Semi-Lewd Business Casual

Office liaisons occur for a reason. Allegedly, of course. Of course my office is very different from the typical office, since I work in an industry that cares a little less about business casual. Sometimes I go to work in T-shirts and no one notices. FaMESHed X[Faida & Velvet Whip] Yana Scarlet

Gothic-ish Kitty

Anything and everything can be kittified. Kitties are too cute! The number of stray cats I see these days is a lot lower. I really wonder where they’ve all gone? Collabor88=Zenith=Harness Waist Belt Gothic Bodysuit A (Black) FaMESHed X[^.^Ayashi^.^] Michiko hair[^.^Ayashi^.^] Michiko headdress

Pineapple Drinks

It’s a cocktail (fake) because I don’t really drink! I think the most I’ve drank was maybe a shot of sake. Consequently, I have no idea if I’m a lightweight or not. Who knows? MainstoreEVIE – Pineapple Cocktail – Pose1EVIE – Summer Time BraEVIE – Summer Time – PantiesEVIE – Summer Time – Top

Pizza Delivery

I’d be sued irl because I’m not wearing a mask. I’ve actually ordered pizza a few times during COVID. So far, so good! Being a food delivery worker seems to be better than being an Uber driver. At least food won’t vomit in your car very often. Equal10BJK Sivir Pizza BackpackBJK Sivir Pizza BikeUNA. Pizza … More Pizza Delivery