Not Perfect

But who wants perfection anyway? It’s unattainable. Ironically, as a 3D creator, imperfections are perfection. The more imperfections my mesh has, the more realistic it becomes. Uber[Glam Affair] Eloise Blush (A) 50%[Glam Affair] Eloise Eyeliner (A)[Glam Affair] Eloise Freckles (A) 50%[Glam Affair] Eloise Layer [Lelutka EvoX] Ivory A[Glam Affair] Eloise Lips Gloss (C)Glam Affair – … More Not Perfect

Small Apartment

There’s still a lot of space for clothes! I’d probably use it for shoes though. These days I have quite a collection of shoes. How did it get this way, I don’t remember. The Epiphany01. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Bed Adult ] Rare C/M02. Lagom – Nordic Walk-in [ Skybox ] Rare C/M04. Lagom … More Small Apartment

Tasting Flowers

There are some flowers that are edible! I like a lot of ones used in Asian cooking. It’s been a while since I’ve gone to Taiwan. One of my favorite things there is the food! The Crystal Heart Festival[Glam Affair] Alba Blush (A) 50%[Glam Affair] Alba EyeLiner (C)[Glam Affair] Alba Layer Ivory A[Glam Affair] Alba … More Tasting Flowers

Casual Villa Stroll

Even villa inhabitants wear casual outfits. I wouldn’t know, since I’m not a villa inhabitant. It’s super early in the morning! I’m still kind of tired. Tres Chic Gala FairPsycho Pills – Nana Top // Legacy // WhitePsycho Pills – Nana Pants // Legacy // Holo Pink Equal10Lyrium. Lena Static & Breathing + Fingers Series … More Casual Villa Stroll

Morning Shades of Pink

Pink is usually a morning color. Orange is usually an evening color. I’m getting kind of sleepy. Today I did not injest nearly enough caffeine. Anthem (July)=Zenith=Gisselle Dress (All) Equal10Amitie Albero Poses Pack 01 blanc.[Yomi] Lynx Hair MainstoreTROPIX // Rosary BackDrop 01

Some Days Like This

It’s the perfect weather. It’s not too hot, and it’s not cold. Unfortunately, August will be pretty bad. It’s always pretty bad, though. Collabor88 (July)=Zenith=Megan Top (All)=Zenith=Megan Sleeves (All)=Zenith=Megan Skirt (All) Equal10Amitie Albero BACKDROP Mainstore:LW: Bento Poses – Conscience.Olive. the Bailey Hair

Tropical House Stay

A vacation sounds extremely good right now. Unfortunately, it’s not meant to be. In other news, some big life changes are coming this next month. I am not really looking forward to it, but it is what it is. Tres ChicTROPIX // tropical house 01 Kustom9 (July)=Zenith=Tilda Earring (All) L – RARE=Zenith=Tilda Bag (ALL) -RARE=Zenith=Tilda … More Tropical House Stay

Dark Mage Academy

Yearbook entry: most likely to be a pyromaniac. Allegedly, of course. In other news, it’s time for the end of month photo spam. I hope everyone is ready. The Crystal Heart Festival{HIME*DREAM} Magic Academy .StellaBeret. – (BLACK){HIME*DREAM} Magic Academy .StellaDress. – (BLACK) Anthem[Yomi] Milo Hair

Cotton Candy Eater

When was the last time I had cotton candy? I literally don’t remember. I want to have cotton candy again sometime. Maybe it’ll be possible next year? The Crystal Heart Festival::{u.f.o}::magical girl (dress) Mainstore{Limerence} Cynthia hair{Limerence} Cynthia hatLyrium. Bunny Cotton Candy Hold 1 ANIMATED (Gyazo)