To Go Out in Winter

What is “going out” exactly? I have forgotten what it is! In other news, I have to toss all my makeup since I haven’t used it in a while. Rip lots of money. HarajukuIVES. Peachy Lipcream. (GENUS) ‘PACK001’ Man CaveGloom. – Boss Collection – D.Brown (eyes) Okinawa New Year FestivalDec 26th, 2020 7:00AM (PST) – … More To Go Out in Winter

Winter Cuties

Winter clothing can be super cute! Of course, every season has its cute items. Personally, I can’t believe that winter is over half way over. Time is flying by quickly. Kustom9(right) =Zenith=Winter Cutie Backpack (Rose)(right) =Zenith=Winter Cutie Boots (Rose)(right) =Zenith=Winter Cutie Dress (Rose)(left) =Zenith=Winter Cutie Sweater Jeans Short (ALL) -RARE(left) =Zenith=Winter Cutie Boots (White)

My Wife’s Farmhause

My wife made an amazing Farmhause kitchen! I am so proud. In other news, I finished! However, in other other news, I have even more tasks now! Kustom9*Tentacio*Winter kitchen. Oven*Tentacio*Winter kitchen. Utensils Tres ChicPalette. – Farmhause Bowls [Big]Palette. – Farmhause Bowls [Small]Palette. – Farmhause ChairPalette. – Farmhause Cloth 1Palette. – Farmhause Cloth 2Palette. – Farmhause … More My Wife’s Farmhause

Hamburger Eating Mood

Fast food is nice to have now and then! Of course, if you eat it too often, you will get supersized (and probably diabetes). I am having American food today! I usually eat ethnic cuisines instead, so it’s a rare occurrence. Kustom9(left) {le fil casse} Hayden Dress The Epiphany(right) [Yomi] Skimpy Knits – 01. Wrist … More Hamburger Eating Mood

Winter Evening Selfie

A good camera functions well in the dark. I always try to get the best mobile camera. Today was supremely nonproductive! Procrastination is always great. The Epiphany[^.^Ayashi^.^] Bunny earring[^.^Ayashi^.^] Bunny phone RARE[^.^Ayashi^.^] Mikio Ear(ver2)[^.^Ayashi^.^] Mikio hair RARE[^.^Ayashi^.^] Mikio scarf HarajukuCarpe Noctem. “Andie” Rib Knit Top AccessPalette. – Vidis Skirt

Classic Life Sweets

Sweet things are great! Of course, don’t eat too many. I am so unproductive today. Sleeping has been all over the place. Kustom9cheezu. marie outfit[monso] Beth Hair The Epiphany*Tentacio*Funny life. Donut lemonade Mainstorecheezu. classic glasses

Food Escape to the Southern Hemisphere

If there wasn’t COVID, this would have been a good way to escape the cold! Perhaps we’d sweat to death though. I have so many things to finish before the 10th. Here’s to crunch time! Mainstore.peaches. Vivianna Picnic Table – Brown.peaches. Summer Gather – Lemonade.peaches. Summer Gather – Frites 1.peaches. Summer Gather – Plate 2.peaches. … More Food Escape to the Southern Hemisphere