Early Evening Tokyo

It’s still light out! Unfortunately, the sun is setting earlier these days. It’s going to be winter soon. I don’t like the dark. Neo-Japan[Glitzz] Akami Dress* M^2 * Japanese City Complex #5 “The arch”violetta. Kai Eye Blush (lel EvoX)_Terigaki 75%

Clean and Fresh Day

There’s nothing better than starting a day out clean and fresh, and ending the day clean and fresh. Unfortunately, showering twice a day really dries out my skin. When it’s really warm, I definitely shower twice. It’s impossible to get through the day otherwise! blanc.cheezu. yura hoodiecheezu. yura pants Mainstore{Limerence} Brenda hair

A Colorful Life

An interesting life is always worth living. An uninteresting life is still worth living too. I am feeling almost ready to go back and work hard on SL again. It’s been a good summer of taking things easy! Mainstore[monso] Sunmi haircheezu. butterfly outfitLyrium. Jasmin Static & Breathing + Fingers Series Pose 1

Late Summer Fruity

Summer fruits are the best fruits! I love going to Taiwan in the summer, partly because of the fruits. It’s been such a long time since I’ve traveled. I know I’ve said this a million times, but I’ll probably say it a million more before COVID is through. School DayPsycho Pills – Minah Skin // … More Late Summer Fruity

Hasn’t Been Written

The future, that is. That’s why it’s all up in the air! Honestly, time is such an interesting concept. It’s technically the fourth dimension! Anthemcheezu. lovey topcheezu. lovey jeans Mainstore.Olive. the 8am Hair RARELyrium. Kelly Static Pose 1::{u.f.o}::DELIRIOUS platform heels

Warm As Ice

Super cold things can give you burns too! It’s always interesting to me how it starts to feel like heat burns after a while. Either way, temperature moderation is important. For example, it is still WAY TOO DAMN HOT IN HERE. MainstoreTOP1SALON – HD WHIMS P2 LIPSTICK PALE/ HEAD / lelutka EvoX AVALON 3.0

Sure Of Me

I’m sure that I exist! Allegedly, of course. Being sure of yourself is something that requires training! You shouldn’t be too unsure of yourself, or too sure of yourself. Kustom9[Glam Affair] Nevaeh Layer [Lelutka EvoX] Ivory A[Glam Affair] Nevaeh – Lips Gloss (A)[Glam Affair] Nevaeh – EyeLiner (A) Mainstore/ HEAD / lelutka EvoX AVALON 3.0

Heavenly Climate

Unfortunately, in actuality, it’s way too hot for long sleeves! It’s still too hot even with short sleeves! Of course, my PC doesn’t help my room temperature. It’s definitely a toaster. Mainstore::{u.f.o}::happy valentine – black plain (dress).Olive. the Jo Hair

Spacing Out

I tend to space out when tired. I feel like that’s common for a lot of people, though. These days I get sleepy really easily. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten regular sleep! Uber[Glam Affair ] Cherry – Eyeliner – A[Glam Affair ] Cherry – Lips Gloss – A[Glam Affair] Cherry Layer [Lelutka … More Spacing Out

Coral Retreat

Coral is such a nice summer color! I like it as an alternative to pink. In real life, I don’t own a lot of coral colored things. Perhaps I’ll buy some. Tres ChicTROPIX // Interior .skybox.02 AccessLagom – Add on Accent walls [ A ] MainstoreLagom – RoseswingLagom – Cramped hallway [ Hanger ]Lagom – … More Coral Retreat